High School Overview

Homeschooling in High School


Greater San Diego Academy’s high school program is a home school program. While the Educational Consultant works with the parent/guardian to create a personalized learning plan, the parent/guardian is the primary teacher. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that the student is receiving adequate instruction and meeting his/her learning objectives. Home schooling differs from independent study programs due to the high level of parent/guardian involvement. To participate in this program effectively, students should have resources available within the home that provide them the tools to be successful in learning.  


Support from Educational Consultants


Each student is assigned to an Educational Consultant who provides support, guidance, and instruction. Our consultants work directly with families to provide the following supports to their high school students.  

  • review previous credits earned and additional requirements for graduation with students
  • create a personalized plan for meeting graduation requirements
  • create a course schedule designed to meet goals for their chosen graduation track
  • choose appropriate curriculum and assignments based on student learning styles and current interests  
  • provide additional resources to help students understand challenging topics  
  • provide tutoring, small group support classes in core academic areas, and field trip opportunities to enrich learning experiences

High school students and their parent/guardians are expected to meet with their Educational Consultants weekly when school is in session.




Students can choose from a variety of curriculum choices to meet their learning goals. Greater San Diego Academy has both textbook and online curriculum options that can be personalized to meet the unique needs of each learner. Consultants will work with students and their home teachers to choose the curriculum options that are best for each learner. Students and their home teachers will work closely with the educational consultants to create monthly and weekly personalized learning plans that clearly outline course goals and assignments that must be completed to stay on track for course completion.


Graduation Tracks


Students can choose from one of two graduation tracks. Students who wish to attend schools within the Cal State University and University of California systems will complete the requirements that fall within the A-G minimum requirements in order to be eligible to apply to schools within those university systems. Students who do not wish to meet the A-G minimum course requirements have the opportunity to follow the general education track which provides more flexibility in course choices while still meeting California’s high school graduation requirements. All students are required to complete 220 credits including a career plan, a technology requirement, a community service requirement, and a senior research project. Students work directly with their Educational Consultant to ensure that they are completing requirements that will help them meet their educational and future goals.


Resource Center  


Students are offered opportunities for study hall at our resource center. Students are also able to use the computers at the resource center to complete assignments and take online assessments during designated high school hours. Students can schedule appointment times with their consultant for assessment and check-in meetings.