We are proud to support GSDA families and are happy to be such a big part of their lives. Here are just a few words from some of our wonderful GSDA parents/grandparents:


"GSDA meets my child right where she is at. She does not fit into a single grade level for academics. At GSDA my child's specific needs are met across all subjects. We get the best of both worlds by being at GSDA. We have the opportunity to be a part of a community at class days and the opportunity to individualize the educational experience. As a parent and an educator, I have been given the confidence to teach my child at home. GSDA has been a huge blessing to our family."


- Cassie S. (Parent of a first grader, with GSDA for 2 years)


"I have been homeschooling my children with GSDA for three years. I started with my boys in kindergarten. I was overwhelmed with the idea of homeschooling, but GSDA made me comfortable and confident. I never leave the office with any unanswered questions, and the staff takes the time to make sure we have all we need. My kids love the enrichment courses and have made some wonderful friends in those classes. I know they are safe and cared for with GSDA, a feeling I don't take for granted."

- Kristen S. (Parent of an EAK student and two second graders, with GSDA for 3 years) 


"I am so grateful to GSDA, the consultants, and all the staff. They have all been so supportive while I have been homeschooling my grandchildren. They are always there to help me in whatever way I need. Our relationship with our consultant, Robin, is excellent. I feel I can freely talk to her about any of my concerns and questions, knowing she will be willing to answer and help. Heleana, my 9th grader, has learned to work on her own, with self-motivation and diligence. Homeschooling has helped both children be courteous, helpful, responsible, and good citizens for our society. The lack of bullying at GSDA is awesome. It is a safe environment which is something very important to me." 


- Connie Perna (Grandparent of a 7th and a 9th grader, with GSDA for 5 years)

We started our homeschool journey with GSDA in 2012 and continue to excel on our educational path due to the support and guidance we receive from GSDA. One of the greatest gifts we have is working with our caring consultant, Miss Diane, since kindergarten. Miss Diane helps us with curriculum and state standard requirements for each grade level. Her understanding of our son’s strengths and areas of improvement gives us peace of mind that we are on track and allows for creativity and flexibility in our learning experiences.

Another benefit of working with GSDA is the opportunity for our son to participate in onsite classes which enable him to learn and interact in small groups, experience other teachers, and attend enrichment classes such as music and art.

Sara F. (Parent of a 5th grader, with GSDA for 6 years)


"I am a full-time student and mom of 4. I started my first child homeschooling with GSDA 6 years ago. My daughter then got put back into regular schooling and we noticed she needed more one-on-one than other children. She wasn't progressing, so then we put her back in homeschooling and she has improved so much. Her reading and writing with her program has helped her improve so rapidly. My counselor, Mrs. Kim, is so adaptable to our circumstances. Everyone is so great and it's so family oriented. The field trips, gatherings on campus, and gatherings with students help our kids with a sense of a great community. Overall this is a blessing to our family."


- Angie Torres (Parents of a 1st and 7th grader, with GSDA for 6 years)


Annual Student Showcase & Talent Show Feedback:  "Oh my goodness! GSDA should be super proud! All of you have been instrumental in our children’s educational and interpersonal success.  It hit me while watching GSDA students how amazingly lucky we are to have our kids enrolled in GSDA and to be given the creative freedom to enhance our children’s ability to the fullest. It wasn’t just the talent, the showcase boards were amazing too. AND OMG! I’ve always known that C and V were off the charts amazing, but how they presented their projects, and the contents were out of this world. It was nice to observe their’s and  many others success to help me be inspired too. I just wanted to thank the entire GSDA staff for loving and guiding us. It was a true honor to be amongst such inspirational children, parents, and all of you who guide us. XO Em."


-Emily Manion (Parent of a K, 1st, and 6th grader, with GSDA for 7 years)