Parent Training

Parent Workshops  

GSDA hosts frequent parent workshops for our families to learn about relevant topics and enhance their teaching skills. Parent workshops are led by a GSDA credentialed consultant.  The workshops provide an opportunity to interact with other amazing homeschooling families and GSDA staff. At these workshops parents can share ideas, resources, concerns and request help.  This is a time to give input to your resource center staff for ways GSDA can continue to grow in our service to you and your children.

Parent University

Parent University is a one day event hosted by the staff at GSDA at the beginning of each year. Parents have an opportunity to hear an opening presentation by our lead consultant in which the topic is relevant to all homeschool families. Then, parents will get a chance to break out into individual sessions on specific topics led by GSDA consultants. Some examples of break out sessions are:


  • Organizing Your Homeschool Day
  • Teaching to the Mind and Heart of Middle Schoolers
  • Supporting Positive Behavior
  • Elementary Writers (K-5), Hands on Math
  • Alternative Forms of Assessment


Parents will meet with their assigned Education Consultant on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis depending on the grade level of the student and the student’s individual educational needs. During these meetings, Consultants take into account the level and learning style of the student and offer appropriate curriculum to meet his/her needs. Consultants will teach parents instructional strategies for each subject, how to assess for student learning, behavior management strategies, and the best way to set up their day to encourage engagement and successful learning opportunities. Consultants are available by email and/or phone on a regular basis for additional support.


Online Training


Parents are encouraged to participate in webinars, read homeschool blogs, and review materials online. The internet is an incredible resource for a homeschool family. The GSDA monthly newsletter will often include opportunities and educational resources for parents. In the column to the right, parents can find presentations and videos of trainings that have been offered at GSDA at past Parent University days or in Parent Workshops.