California Healthy Kids Survey

GSDA participates in the CA Healthy Kids Survey for students in grades 7-12.  See the information below to learn about what the surveys contain and to find links with example surveys.

The Core Module is aligned with the Local Control and Accountability Plan to assess:

  • school climate and safety,
  • pupil engagement,
  • student supports,
  • bullying, and
  • substance abuse.

The SEHM, developed by researchers at UC Santa Barbara led by Dr. Michael Furlong, assesses youth:

  • empathy,
  • self-efficacy,
  • self-awareness,
  • persistence,
  • emotional self-regulation,
  • behavioral self-control,
  • gratitude,
  • zest, and
  • optimism.

Greatly enhances the value of the CHKS as a strength-based assessment linked to student mental health and well-being, academic success, and career and college readiness.

Samples below of: 
Middle School Core Survey Questions
High School Core Survey Questions
Middle & High School Social Emotional Health Survey