Enrichment and Support Classes

The support and enrichment classes available at our resource center and in the field are meant to enhance the homeschool experience. They provide opportunities for group work, peer review, and oral presentations to support and supplement your teaching at home.  The following examples highlight ways that content can be supported through enrichment classes.


English Language Arts Support (K-8):


ELA support focuses on building literacy skills.  Activities may include building foundational skills, deepening reading comprehension and analysis, and developing writing skills.  Examples of current and previous offerings are Book Club; Reading, Rhythm, and Rhyme; Focus on Poetry; and Writer’s Workshop.


Math Support (K-8)


Math support focuses on building foundational math skills, as well as problem solving as a bridge to solving complex math tasks. Activities may include number talks, logic problems, working with math manipulatives, group projects, and performance tasks.  Examples of current and previous offerings are Math Strategies Lab, Math Tutoring, Strategic Games, and Math Discoveries.


Science and Social Studies Enrichment (K-8):


Explore a variety of life, physical, and earth science topics through hands-on labs and activities. Examples of current and previous offerings are Science Lab, Coding, Problem Solving & Logistics, and Water Conservation.


Explore communities around the world through studying maps and globes, community dynamics, as well as concepts like courage and responsibility.  Learn what makes each of these places unique! Examine the connection between the past and the present with a variety of projects and group work. Examples of current and previous offerings are History’s Mysteries, World Cultures, Communities Around the World, and Ancient Greece.

A World of Enrichment (K-8)


Extracurricular enrichment sessions are available each semester at our resource center and/or virtually.


Examples of current and previous offerings are Mixed Media Arts, Musical Theater Dance, American Sign Language, Spanish, Public Speaking, Drama, Woodworking, Printmaking, Coding, and many more!


Middle and High School Academic Support (6-12)


Weekly support from credentialed teachers that guide students through assignments, access to Chromebooks, science labs, art studio classes, and more.