Instructional Resources and Enrichment Overview

GSDA offers a variety of enrichment opportunities for our students, including enrichment classes, GSDA-sponsored field trips throughout San Diego County, special events, and field days. We encourage our students to use the world as their classroom in order to make the most out of their homeschooling journey.
Instructional resources and enrichment funds are provided to support GSDA students with core academics and supplemental enrichment.
Instructional resources provided to all GSDA students include:
  • Personalized learning support from credentialed teachers.
  • Free curriculum for all core and elective subjects. 
    • Ability to change curriculum as needed to meet learning styles.
    • Workbooks and other consumables provided at no cost
    • Special order curriculum process
  • Lending library, supplemental materials, math manipulatives, science kits, etc.
  • On-campus and virtual classes, tutoring, and other enriching learning experiences
Funds may also be used to participate in online programs, supplemental curriculum, specialty materials, and educational subscriptions.