Enrollment - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll?

Contact the Resource Center to schedule an orientation to learn more about our program.  Orientations can be scheduled at our Jamul resource center or via video conference. During your orientation you will have an opportunity to meet with one of our educational consultants one on one to learn more about our program and get your questions answered.

In order to complete an Enrollment Packet, you will need the following documentation:

  • Birth Certificate, passport, baptismal certificate, or other document to verify student's age. Non-US documents will be accepted, including birth records.
  • 2 proofs of residency (3 proofs needed for residents of JDUSD): List of Accepted Documents
  • Report Cards (grades K-8) or Official Transcript (High School)
  • Immunization Records: Immunization Documents Needed (California Department of Public Health) IMM-231

Note: Immunization Requirements :

Personal beliefs exemptions (PBEs) filed at a school or child-care facility before January 1, 2016 will remain valid until the student enrolls in the next grade span, typically at kindergarten (or transitional kindergarten) or 7th grade. As of January 1, 2021, Medial exemptions must be processed through CAIR-ME (The California Immunization Registry Medical Exemption website) to be accepted. In addition, in accordance with the California Health and Safety Code, the new immunization requirements for entry into school does not apply to a pupil who is enrolled in an independent study program such as GSDA.

When can my child start?

You can enroll your student in the Greater San Diego Academy at any time during the year through March while space is available. Enrollment closes when rosters reach capacity.

How does your program work?

The minimum requirement for the Greater San Diego Academy program is monthly meetings (weekly for high school students) with our consultants. At these meetings, you will show us your child's graded work from the previous month and set up your pacing guide for the next month. Our consultants will work with you to set up the curriculum that best meets your child's strengths and weaknesses. You can draw from an assortment of textbooks and/or supplemental materials to make learning fun for you and your child.

What in-services/workshops do you provide for parents?

We provide in-services and workshops on how children learn, time management skills for homeschool parents, and how students can add pizzazz to their teaching and projects. Please see the Parent Training Page to learn more about the in-services/workshops that we offer. Please check the School Calendar for these opportunities for parents.  

How much will it cost?

Because the Greater San Diego Academy is a California Charter School, we receive our funding from the State of California. Therefore, we can provide you with textbooks and other materials at no cost to you.

What curriculum can I use?

GSDA provides many choices of curricula in each subject area. Our goal is to find the curriculum that best meets your child’s needs and meets the California State Standards so your child will be able to enter any California public school at his/her appropriate grade level. We cannot purchase religious textbooks for you with state funds, nor are we allowed to count religious instruction towards your instructional time. If you purchase and use materials with religious content for general education purposes, we will help you make certain your child is meeting California State Standards through those materials or through supplemental materials. You are also welcome to use any other resources that you feel would be of value to your child.

What grade levels does Greater San Diego Academy include?

Greater San Diego Academy currently covers kindergarten (including transitional kindergarten) through twelfth grade.

We have an early admission kindergarten program for children who are ineligible for kindergarten but have their fifth birthday prior to April 1. These students may be enrolled from January through June. If the students would like to continue with our school after June, they will enter the regular Greater San Diego Academy program as kindergarten students in the Fall.

Do you provide any social opportunities for our families?

Social activities are an important part of a homeschool program. We provide enrichment classes for all students to have that social opportunity while learning a special skill. We also have special events and field trips scheduled throughout the year for our students.

For parents, we provide monthly Parent Workshops - a time when parents can share ideas, resources, concerns and requests for help.

What enrichment do you provide?

Each student receives an allotment of units to provide enrichment. These classes must be educational, but flexibility is allowed for the unique needs and interests of the individual student. Please contact the resource center admin to sign up for classes.

If your child is not interested in the resource center options, the allotted funds may also be used to participate in additional resource center classes, online programs, supplemental curriculum, specialty materials, and educational subscriptions.

Do we have to live in a specific school district to enroll in GSDA?

If you live anywhere in San Diego County or its adjoining counties, you may enroll in the Greater San Diego Academy.

What if we are staying in temporary or shared housing?

You can enroll in school!