Enrichment Unit Procedures

Students receive enrichment units at the onset of their enrollment in GSDA to be used for enrichment or support classes in the community that help to enhance their learning experience.  These classes should address the state standards in academic subjects and speak to GSDA’s Vision and Mission statement.


An enrichment unit is equivalent to $1 that is allotted by a small fund to provide 70 units a month for students August through May.  This amount is subject to change during a school year without notice. The parent/guardian is responsible for all expenses beyond the maximum per month allowance. A maximum of 70 unused enrichment units will be rolled over from prior months.


To utilize your student’s enrichment units, a Request to Reserve Enrichment Units form must be received at GSDA 10 days prior to the class start. The Enrichment Program Manager will then set aside the units requested and send a voucher to the parent/guardian for signature. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure the Provider understands the terms of payment and follows GSDA’s procedures as stated on the voucher.


A few things to remember when using enrichment units:

  • Enrichment units are only available for the current school year and while the student is enrolled at GSDA.
  • GSDA must directly pay the authorized agency that provides an enrichment class
  • GSDA cannot make payment for enrichment classes in advance
  • GSDA cannot reimburse parent/guardian for enrichment classes